Special Sponsorship

This year both World Community Film Festival in Courtney along with several Travelling Festival locations in BC have undertaken a sponsorship with BC Council for International Cooperation. We in the World Film Festival Kelowna are now working to fulfill the goals which we already support: reaching more youth and development of deeper relationships with teachers and mentors.

Public Engagement & Coordination Program 2011-2014

To raise the awareness of British Columbians about global issues and how they can become more active global citizens.

To celebrate International Development Week and to increase the visibility and awareness of CIDA, BCCIC members and youth in the province.





Intermediate Outcome:
Citizens with increased awareness leading to actions on international development issues in a greater number of rural communities across British Columbia.

Immediate Outcomes:
Increased opportunities by adult and youth actors in rural communities to inform the public about global issues.

To accomplish this set of goals, the World Film Festival Kelowna has begun to work to expand our relationship with the local highschools. This year being the first year of this agreement, we had the opportunity to network with the Courtney Comox group and learn about what they have been able to accomplish in their work with their local high schools this past year. What began with classes from local schools being bussed into a centrally located venue last year evolved to an entire day at one highschool with a student organised film festival with multiple theatres, discussion and true involvement.

World Film Festival Kelowna's 2012 Plans

We hope see that happen here in the Central Okanagan in the coming years as well. This year we are Pleased to present a film outside of our normal programming in the easilty accesible downtown of Kelowna at the historic Laurel Building. We hope that providing another showing with a film that tells more about Africa from an 'African' perspective will entice a wide audience to attend this viewing opportunity.

This film, Motherland, is being shown during the Global Citizen Festival and will be held at 1-3 on Saturday Feb 25th. More information about the film is available at: http://www.themotherland.info/ml_about.htm

Motherland (Enat Hager) is the most powerful documentary on Africa. Fusing history, culture, politics, and contemporary issues, Motherland sweeps across Africa to tell a new story of a dynamic continent.

From the glory and majesty of Africa